Tesla FSD (Supervised) V12.4 expected to start rollout next week

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Tesla drivers can expect yet another update to their supervised Full Self-Driving (FSD) experience soon. As per CEO Elon Musk, the rollout of the advanced driver-assist system’s V12.4 update could start as soon as next week. Musk posted his update in a reply on X. 

Musk has been teasing some notable improvements for FSD (Supervised) with the system’s upcoming updates. Earlier this week, Musk noted that the latest version of Tesla’s supervised FSD would “blow your mind.” And in a separate post, Musk noted that FSD (Supervised) V12.4 has completely retrained models. 

“[FSD (Supervised)] 12.4 has almost completely retrained models. The final touches are for comfort, as it sometimes accelerates or brakes too fast for most people’s taste,” Musk wrote. Tesla watchers appreciated Musk’s comment, with some stating that a focus on comfort for FSD (Supervised) V12.4 suggests that Tesla’s Autopilot team is no longer working on critical takeover issues.

Musk also noted that Tesla is already working on FSD V12.5 and FSD V12.6, which are in various stages of testing. The CEO also noted that Tesla is already getting into complex driving situations, such as road closures that require a vehicle to reverse out and find a new route. 

“12.5 and 12.6 are in various stages of testing. We’re getting into rare, complex situations, for example: going down a narrow, one-way road, encountering a road closure and having to reverse out to find a new route. That closure also needs to be communicated to the test of the fleet, so you don’t get a whole bunch of Teslas stuck down a road,” Musk wrote in a post on X

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla would be unveiling a dedicated Robotaxi “Cybercab” this coming August 8, 2024. It is then unsurprising that Tesla is putting a lot of resources into FSD and accelerating the system’s improvements. FSD, after all, will be a cornerstone for the “Cybercab” — a vehicle that could very well take Tesla into its next growth phase. 

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Tesla FSD (Supervised) V12.4 expected to start rollout next week
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