Tesla ramps pace of construction at German factory site: July update

Construction workers transport concrete flooring slabs for Giga Berlin onto a crane. (Credit: Twitter | @RalfThomas)

Tesla Giga Berlin is receiving its first concrete flooring slabs as the company continues to ramp the construction process of its first European production facility.

Photos from Thomas Petersohn and @Gf4Tesla that were shared on July 6 show crews using cranes to transport the massive concrete flooring slabs into the Giga Berlin property. The floors were first transported to the site by the trains Tesla has been using for several months for moving materials into the property.

Tesla’s contracted construction crews who have been working to develop the land of the Giga Berlin property started laying down foundational work in early June. By the time June had come to a close, Tesla had successfully completed the installation of foundational settings in a portion of the land where the main facility will eventually stand.

Tesla has had approval from local government officials to begin foundational work since mid-May. Now that the construction crews have set several foundational areas into place, the teams of workers can start installing the flooring that will support the 12,000 workers that will produce Tesla’s electric vehicles at Giga Berlin.

Tesla’s progress on its Giga Berlin facility has accelerated despite the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. Although the facility has encountered brief delays since its initial ground clearing projects during the first days of 2020, Giga Berlin is taking shape quickly and is on schedule for its initial production phase of the Model Y in July 2021.

In late June, the site saw perhaps its most extensive development period after crews made several steps forward in the development of the site. A fourth tower crane was installed to help with the efficient moving of heavy objects, and a new excavation project was also spotted on-site as well.

The installation of new gravel roads also occurred. These temporary roads are crucial for construction vehicles. Not only do the gravel roads create a more stable driving experience for the large construction trucks, but they also can prevent the trucks from sinking into the mud if it were to rain on site.

Satellite dishes were also spotted on top of the construction containers where supervisors and project managers will oversee the project.

Tesla will begin building half a million vehicles annually at Giga Berlin starting in July 2021. The Model Y is the first vehicle that will be produced, but Tesla will introduce other cars in its fleet afterward. Not only will the site be home to a massive production facility, but also a world-class paint shop that will revolutionize the way Tesla’s vehicles appear. CEO Elon Musk said the new paint colors would change with the contour and curves of the company’s vehicle’s body.

Although paint has been an issue for Tesla in the past, the company continues to work toward improving the quality of its colors. This project will begin in Germany at Giga Berlin.

Tesla ramps pace of construction at German factory site: July update
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