Tesla Giga Berlin’s paint facility makes grown men look microscopic

Credit: @Gf4Tesla | Twitter

Tesla’s revolutionary new paint shop at the Giga Berlin production facility in Germany is taking shape. The size of the building is striking, and recent photographs give viewers a great visual image of how large the structure is compared to some of the workers on site.

The massive structure is expected to change Tesla’s paint quality, which has been an admitted struggle of the electric automaker for years.

In April, CEO Elon Musk stated that Giga Berlin would receive a brand new paint shop that would provide high-quality colors in multiple layers that change with the curvature of the car’s body.

Musk said:

“Giga Berlin will have world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature.”

Musk also indicated that the company would introduce several new colors in the European market, including “Deep Crimson,” which is the CEO’s favorite at the current time.

Tesla’s construction crews in Germany are working on the Paint Facility now, and the assembly of the building is coming together at a rapid pace, thanks to the strategic pre-fabricated construction methods.

Pictures of the facility shared by @Gf4Tesla on Twitter show the sheer size of the structure, which is coming together quickly and efficiently.

The massive nature of the Paint Shop is undoubtedly warranted for Tesla’s planned output efforts at its first European production plant. The company will start with the Model Y, Tesla’s newest car to date, and it plans to build 500,000 units in its initial production phase.

To keep up with increased demand and a sizeable EV market in Europe, Tesla will have to produce a significant number of cars at Giga Berlin to keep up with competitors. Currently, the Renault Zoe and Hyundai Kona are Europe’s two most popular BEVs as of June, the EV Sales Blog reported.

Tesla has sped through the construction of Giga Berlin’s facility thus far, with the Drive Unit structure being completely in nearly-record time. The roof of the Drive Unit facility was added and finished on September 1st, just in time for Musk’s arrival at the site.

Musk arrived in Germany last week to check out the progress at Giga Berlin, along with some other stops, which included a stop at CureVac and a quick visit to Volkswagen Board Head Herbert Diess, where he drove the ID.3.

Currently, Tesla plans to begin production at Giga Berlin in July 2021.

Tesla Giga Berlin’s paint facility makes grown men look microscopic
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