Tesla Giga Berlin construction work to continue with another pre-approved permit

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Tesla Giga Berlin may receive another pre-approved permit soon, according to Brandenburg’s Minister of Environment Axel Vogel. The early permit will allow Tesla to install more parts in Giga Berlin’s existing infrastructure or buildings, particularly equipment in the body shop, the casting facility, and the paint shop Elon Musk has been excitedly talking about since last year.

The Minister announced on Wednesday at the parliamentary committee that the State of Environment Agency’s next Giga Berlin pre-approval “will probably be ready for issue in the next few days.” With this, Tesla can continue working on the Giga Berlin plant.

Last week, robots for the plant arrived at the Giga Berlin complex, right in time for the pre-approval. “These systems will be built within the existing buildings,” the Minister said.

Tesla still hasn’t received a permit to expand Giga Berlin’s construction further. Vogel stated that Tesla recently submitted another application to clear more of the forest surrounding the Giga Berlin complex.

Each pre-approval for Giga Berlin is a step toward Tesla’s production goal in Germany. However, each step is also a financial risk for the EV automaker. Tesla will have to dismantle all the construction work it has finished at Giga Berlin if it doesn’t receive full approval for the Germany-based Gigafactory.

Vogel and other politicians seem confident that Tesla’s Giga Berlin plant will eventually receive full approval, though. The approval process for the facility was supposed to finish by the end of 2020. Now, Giga Berlin’s final approval may pass before the first quarter of 2021 ends.

Tesla initially planned for the first Giga Berlin cars to roll off the assembly line by July 2021. The Gigafactory in Germany was supposed to start with local Model Y production. Given the timeline of the final approval, however, Tesla may need to adjust its production goals. Otherwise, the electric car maker could very well end up blitzing the construction of its Model Y plant in the coming months.

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Tesla Giga Berlin construction work to continue with another pre-approved permit
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