Tesla’s ‘preferential treatment’ justified by Brandenburg Environmental Minister

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Tesla’s “preferential treatment” in Berlin has been attacked by numerous environmental groups who disagree with the automaker’s current construction project that is going on in the town of Brandenburg. Since the site’s initial groundbreaking and land preparation efforts in early 2020, citizens and “green” groups have come to pledge their distaste for Tesla’s introductory European production plant. However, local government officials are more than willing to come to justify Tesla’s presence in the area, especially as it provides a substantial economic boost to an area that thirsts for steady, well-paying manufacturing jobs. Brandenburg Environmental Minister Axel Vogel is just one of those politicians coming to Tesla’s rescue, justifying the company’s treatment in the area.

Since the announcement by CEO Elon Musk in late 2019 that provided some context of what would eventually become known as “Giga Berlin,” numerous voices have pushed back against Tesla’s efforts in Germany. Despite this, the company has made reasonable progress in the past 21 months. Tesla has managed to take what was once a regular plot of land covered in low-grade trees used for commercial cardboard production and transform it into one of Earth’s most impressive vehicle production facilities. At least that’s what will be there when the factory becomes operational in several months.

Until then, Tesla will continue building the factory, erecting several portions of the plant that will eventually house the production of the Model Y crossover and Tesla’s recently unveiled 4680 battery cells. The cells, a groundbreaking step in developing Tesla’s EV tech, will provide more range and power to Tesla’s eco-friendly vehicles.

Although Tesla vehicles have saved over 17.9 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere alone, environmental groups are not convinced the company’s factory will provide stable and eco-friendly scenarios based on by-products of vehicle production. In fact, groups who have been identified as NABU and Gruene Liga recently stated that they are not interested in Tesla producing batteries at the plant because of potentially hazardous waste.

Tesla ironically faces pushback at Giga Berlin from environmental groups

The groups told Reuters earlier this month:

“The objection is based on the claim that Tesla has not sufficiently clarified what precautions it will take to prevent highly poisonous gas from escaping from the factory, the objection document showed.”

Now, Brandenburg Environmental Minister Axel Vogel is coming to Tesla’s defense, giving them a justification for their preferential treatment regarding approved documents for certain elements of their factory.

Vogel said (via Maz Online):

“We are convinced that it is right to give Tesla preferential treatment, because the Tesla site has an incredibly positive, Europe-wide impact.”

Vogel recognizes the concrete impact that Tesla could have on the region when Giga Berlin begins operation. Not only is the plant going to supply local citizens with jobs that are secure, comfortable, and well paying, but the environmental impacts also align with the strict and ambitious climate goals that Europe and Germany have both set. The European Union has been plotting a ban for ICE vehicles in 2025, according to Euractiv, and Germany has a set target of 2030 for the date it will stop allowing pollution-emitting vehicles to roam the streets.

Environmental groups are concerned with the production of the vehicles, which will result in some pollutants. However, these groups could be protesting any automaker, or basically, any large company in the world as manufacturing does, unfortunately, result in emissions. However, after Tesla cars roll off of production lines, no emissions will leave the vehicle, as the company’s battery-driven powertrains make for the most environmentally friendly form of passenger transportation on Earth.

Tesla’s ‘preferential treatment’ justified by Brandenburg Environmental Minister
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