Tesla ironically faces pushback at Giga Berlin from environmental groups

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is ironically facing pushback from environmental groups in Germany who claim that the automaker’s Giga Berlin production facility, which has not started manufacturing cars yet, will produce poisonous gases that will escape from the plant.

The claims are strange and ironic, especially considering Tesla is one of the most environmentally conscious companies globally, and without a doubt, the most Earth-friendly in the automotive sector.

In late 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company would begin manufacturing cars in Europe, a highly popular region for EVs. Tesla has still performed relatively well even though it doesn’t have a currently active production plant there. Since then, Tesla has erected one of the most sophisticated and advanced vehicle production facilities in the world, where electric vehicle batteries, newly-engineered versions of the Model Y crossover, and a world-class paint shop will be located.

Unfortunately, despite Tesla’s production of only electric cars, environmental groups have not stopped harassing the automaker. A new report from Reuters claims that two German environmental entities have filed objections against provisional permits that the Brandenburg Environmental Authority granted to Tesla earlier this year.

Tesla has received several preliminary approvals to perform construction processes in Berlin. Anything from installing production machinery to solidifying foundations for the planned battery plant requires approval from the Brandenburg Environmental Authority. Recently, Teslarati reported that Tesla submitted an application to produce EV cells at an on-site battery factory. If approved, Tesla would be able to mass produce its cells in Germany, a move that would greatly increase the efficiency of Tesla’s supply chain, considering the first 4680 battery cells that go into Giga Berlin-manufactured vehicles will be shipped from Northern California.

However, the environmental groups, who have been identified as NABU and Gruene Liga, are pushing back against Tesla’s approval.

The groups are upset about the production of the batteries (via Reuters):

“The objection is based on the claim that Tesla has not sufficiently clarified what precautions it will take to prevent highly poisonous gas from escaping from the factory, the objection document showed.”

In the past, Tesla has brushed up with environmental groups in Berlin who have voiced various concerns regarding the electric car plant’s impact. One group, early on in the Giga Berlin construction project, said that it was concerned about the water usage at the plant, and whether contamination of the groundwater would occur. Recent projections indicate that Tesla will use significantly less water than previously estimated.

For now, there is no new word on how far the environmental group’s appeal will go, but they plan to go to court if state authorities fail to file for a permit suspension by June 16th.

Tesla has saved over 17.5 million tons of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere through its vehicles alone. However, the envrionmental groups still ignore this fact, steadily thinking about the emissions that are produced from manufacturing cars. There are emissions involved in the production of Tesla’s vehicles. Still, after a customer takes delivery of their car, the Tesla will emit zero pollution due to its environmentally-conscious powertrain.

Tesla ironically faces pushback at Giga Berlin from environmental groups
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