Tesla Giga Shanghai is barreling towards an output of over 1M vehicles per year

(Credit: WuWa)

This year, Tesla’s total vehicle deliveries would likely get closer to the 1 million vehicle mark, thanks in no small part to the Model Y and Model 3 ramp in Gigafactory Shanghai and the company’s continued optimization of the Fremont factory. If recent reports from China are any indication, however, it appears that the 1 million vehicle mark could be achieved next year — with just one of Tesla’s electric vehicle production facilities. 

As noted in recent reports from China, Gigafactory Shanghai recently received a RMB 1.2 billion (about $180 million) investment for the facility’s latest round of expansions. These expansions are aimed at increasing the factory’s production capacity, which is already quite impressive today. Citing information from local sources, drone operator Wu Wa, who has chronicled Giga Shanghai’s buildout since its early days, noted that Tesla China is currently looking to hit a production capacity of 550,000 vehicles this year alone. 

With the upgrades in place, Tesla China is reportedly looking to raise Giga Shanghai’s capacity to 1-1.5 million vehicles per year. That’s a massive jump in capacity, though it is plausible if the company could fully optimize the Model 3 and Model Y’s production. Improvements to Giga Shanghai’s output may also be made possible through innovations such as the use of front and rear megacasts, as well as the potential use of structural battery packs. 

Perhaps what’s most exciting, however, is the fact that reports from China are pointing to the improvements to Giga Shanghai being completed around April 2022. That’s the beginning of the second quarter, which suggests that even if Tesla China uses up all of Q2 2022 to refine Giga Shanghai’s freshly-optimized lines, the facility would have the entire second half of 2022 to produce a massive wave of electric vehicles that could be sold worldwide. This should provide Tesla with a significant boost to its annual vehicle delivery numbers. 

Gigafactory Shanghai has grown into one of Tesla’s most important facilities. This year, the factory was dubbed as the company’s primary vehicle export hub, and it proved itself by bringing the Model 3 and Model Y to the European and Asian markets. This allowed Tesla to start selling its all-electric crossover even to markets that were expected to be covered by Gigafactory Berlin’s initial vehicle production, which unfortunately ended up mired in red tape. This setup could change in the near future, however, as recent reports from Germany have also suggested that Giga Berlin’s final approval could be granted within the coming days

Watch a recent flyover of Giga Shanghai in the video below. 

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is barreling towards an output of over 1M vehicles per year
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