Tesla Giga Shanghai drone restrictions prompt Model 3 highland testing speculations

Image Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

It appears that Tesla China is initiating efforts to ensure that its current activities are as hidden as possible. As per a longtime watcher of Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla has reportedly implemented systems to interfere with the signal of drones flying over the complex. 

Tesla’s Gigafactories are arguably among the most interesting facilities in the electric vehicle industry. It is then no surprise that their buildout is typically monitored closely. Gigafactory Shanghai, Giga Berlin, and Gigafactory Texas all have dedicated enthusiasts who monitor their progress through drone flyovers. 

Among Giga Shanghai’s most notable watchers is Wu Wa, who has been observing the factory’s buildout for about five years now. But as per a recently posted video, the drone operator reported that Tesla China had implemented aerial controls in the Giga Shanghai area. With the systems in place, the flight height of drones in the area is limited to only 30 meters. Signal interference is also present. 

What is rather interesting is that such aerial control measures could reportedly only be implemented with the approval of the local Chinese government and the cooperation of drone makers like DJI. With these circumstances in mind, the longtime Giga Shanghai observer noted that he would likely suspend flyovers at the factory site, at least until the drone restrictions are lifted

The restrictions that have been placed on Giga Shanghai suggest that Tesla China is conducting activities within its factory premises that it does not want to share just yet. With this in mind, speculations are high that the “Project Highland” Model 3 may be getting tested around the factory. Some EV enthusiasts, however, have noted that the level of secrecy around the facility suggests that the EV maker may be testing an even more important vehicle, perhaps the affordable Tesla that was reportedly designed in China. 

Watch the drone operator’s recent flyover in the video below. 

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Tesla Giga Shanghai drone restrictions prompt Model 3 highland testing speculations
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