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Tesla Giga Shanghai shows off production efficiency–and cool food options–in new video

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is the electric vehicle maker’s most efficient factory so far. Despite its relatively compact complex — at least compared to the massive pieces of land that are Gigafactory Texas and Giga Berlin — Gigafactory Shanghai still stands as Tesla’s largest factory by output today. 

Being Tesla’s largest factory by output is no small feat, and it was only achieved with what could only be described as sheer hard work and an insane focus on production efficiencies. Such feats are also achieved through a workforce that works extremely hard, even amidst challenging targets. 

As could be seen in a new video from Shanghai, Tesla China makes it a point to keep its workers happy with their meal choices at the facility. As per the video, there are currently 16 restaurants inside Giga Shanghai, including international brands like Taco Bell, Burger King, and KFC. 

The video’s host observed that the prices for the food in Giga Shanghai are actually about half of their prices outside the factory. One meal voucher also gives workers a complete set meal. One of the facility’s workers even showed an app that was developed in-house just for the facility’s dining systems. 

A quick tour of the Giga Shanghai production line shows that the facility is ever-improving as well, with one employee stating that the facility could effectively produce one vehicle every 40 seconds. Such a level of efficiency is impressive, and the fact that Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 and Model Y are consistently high-quality makes the facility’s output even more impressive. 

Giga Shanghai’s production efficiencies and quality were personally praised by CEO Elon Musk during a visit to the facility in the second quarter. “It’s been incredibly impressive how you’ve been able to overcome so many difficulties and many challenges. It warms my heart, you know. And I tell people throughout the world — the cars we produce here are not just the most efficient in production, but the highest quality,” Musk said. 

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Tesla Giga Shanghai shows off production efficiency–and cool food options–in new video
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