Nevada official says Tesla Gigafactory has over 1,000 workers and is hiring 150-200 more each month

The head of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development says Tesla has hired more than 1,000 workers at its Gigafactory plant outside of Reno and is on pace to increase for hiring goals each month. Executive Director Steve Hill told the Senate Finance Committee last week during a budget review meeting that the California-based electric carmaker and energy company is ramping up hiring and expects the factory to have 3,200 workers by March 2018. “They’re hiring 150 to 200 more every month,” says Hill.

News of Tesla’s workforce expansion comes on the heels of an independent audit conducted by Grant Thornton for the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development which had confirmed that Tesla was meeting all applicable targets established by the state when it agreed to a $1.3 billion tax incentive package.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval also recently reaffirmed rapid growth taking place at the Gigafactory during his State of the State address. He revealed that Tesla will be investing an additional $350 million into the Sparks, Nevada-based factory to expand production to include Model 3 motors and drivetrain assemblies.

The Record-Courier reports that Hill also touched on developments taking place at Faraday Future, saying that the electric car startup, which has a construction site in Southern Nevada, has invested about $160 million so far. Expenditures involved purchasing the property at Apex and funding the engineering and utility work there. Faraday’s 650,000 square foot  factory is scheduled to open in 2018 and is aimed at producing 12,000 cars a year. Hill notes that the reveal of Faraday Future’s FF91 at CES was “a significant milestone that provides significant value for that company.” The company does face its next biggest challenge now, which is to “manufacture it, get it out the door and sell it.” The potential value of the company will jump then, Hill adds.

Tesla and Faraday have both received tax credits to move their factories to Nevada. Tesla has over $1 billion in tax breaks, while Faraday received $335 million during special sessions of the Nevada Legislature.

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