Tesla Giga Berlin to open next week despite missing some requirements

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Tesla Giga Berlin seems ready to open next week despite missing some requirements. Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) is confident Tesla will process all its requirements and ancillary conditions soon.

“We have no indication that there will be any delay in the processing of these requirements and ancillary conditions within these 14 days,” said Steinbach on Wednesday to the state parliament’s economic committee. 

Tesla received its final environmental approval for Gigafactory Berlin a few weeks ago, permitting the company to produce up to 500,000 vehicles per year. However, Tesla still needs to complete a few state requirements. According to the approval documents comprised of over 23,700 pages, Tesla needs to meet more than 400 ancillary provisions.

The ancillary conditions include requirements for water management at Giga Berlin like groundwater protection, water-saving measures, and wastewater-reducing measures. Just recently, Tesla secured its water supply yet again. 

The WSE water association, which is supposed to supply water to Giga Berlin, threatened to terminate its contract with Tesla if the ministry did not permit higher flow rates. On Wednesday, March 16, WSE boss André Bähler and the head of water at the Brandenburg Environment Ministry, Anke Herrmann, agreed that the water association could pump 1.3 million cubic meters more water. 

Besides the ancillary provisions, Tesla also has a few other requirements. 

“There are 113 air pollution control requirements, which include respective chimney heights for each exhaust air stream. In addition, 22 requirements determine the methods and intervals at which the exhaust air is to be measured. 96 requirements for drinking water protection, wastewater disposal, and rainwater specify, among other things, limit values for discharge into the wastewater pressure line and corresponding cleaning processes,” said a press release about Giga Berlin’s environmental approval.”

Despite missing some requirements, Tesla and the figures who have supported Giga Berlin seem determined to have the factory running. On March 22, Tesla will be delivering the first Model Y vehicles manufactured at Gigafactory Berlin. The event promises to be a fun-filled day to celebrate the beginning of Tesla Giga Berlin’s journey. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin to open next week despite missing some requirements
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