Tesla hater records themself “coal rolling” a Model 3, “F— your Tesla!”

Credit: YouTube/Jeff Mahin

The act of “coal rolling” a Tesla electric vehicle is still alive and well, and it has happened once again. This time, the video was uploaded by the perpetrator themselves. A driver of a Cummins Diesel truck uploaded a video of him rollin’ coal, while taking shots with some choice words, on a Model 3 driver that purportedly “flicked them off.”

“Coal Rolling” is the practice of emitting large amounts of black smoke or exhaust fumes into the air. It is frequently recognized as a symbol of anti-environmentalism, according to the Huffington Post. It is also occasionally used as an intimidation tactic to those who drive either battery-electric or hybrid-electric cars.

As of July 2014, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made the act of rolling coal illegal because it violated the Clean Air Act. However, this has not stopped many drivers of large diesel pickups from utilizing the action against those who choose to drive Earth-friendly cars.

A new video from YouTube account Matthew Brown shows a 6.7L Turbo Diesel Cummins rolling coal on a Tesla Model 3 from the viewpoint of the truck. It is unknown whether Brown was the driver of the vehicle because the video was taken from the passenger’s seat. However, one of the truck’s occupants loudly states, “F*** your Tesla,” proving that the driver intended to spew environmentally harming exhaust fumes in the direction of the Model 3 sedan.

Brown appears to be a misinformed member of the public who claims that his illegal, emissions-heavy diesel truck is “not poisonous” to the Earth.

Credit: YouTube | Matthew Brown

Unfortunately, this instance is far from the first time that rolling coal has occurred to the owner of a Tesla electric vehicle. The most recent example of a coal roll attack that Teslarati covered occurred in Miami, Florida, when a Model 3 Performance was spewed with fumes that are not Earth-friendly. The video was captured by owner Jeff Mahin’s dashcam and was shared to YouTube just hours after it occurred.

The EPA continues to maintain that the purchase or installation of any “part for a motor vehicle that bypasses, defeats, or renders inoperative any emission control device” is illegal. Seven states in the U.S. have stated that coal rolling is unlawful or severely frowned upon.

Watch Matthew Brown’s video of his Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel “rolling coal” on a Tesla Model 3 below.

Tesla hater records themself “coal rolling” a Model 3, “F— your Tesla!”
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