Tesla improves in Universum’s ‘Most Attractive Employers’ list

A Tesla employee at the company's facility in Fremont, California. (Credit: YouTube/RoadShow)

Tesla has improved its position in Universum’s “Most Attractive Employers” list, which asks students across the globe which companies they want to work for.

Tesla ranked 38th for Business Students, 16th for Engineering Students, and 19th for Information Technology Students in the 2023 report.

It was the first time Tesla cracked the Top 50 for Business majors, while it gained ten spots from 2022 in Engineering and nine spots in IT.

(Photo: Tesla)

“Remarkably, Tesla rose 10 points in 2023 from #26 to #16,” Universum writes for its Engineering Student Rankings. “We expect Tesla may drop in the Universum rankings in 2024 since the company announced job cuts and hiring freezes in June, shortly after we fielded our survey,” the report said.

For IT, Tesla moved nine positions, and this was likely due to the company’s vigilant focus on artificial intelligence, including everything from its Full Self-Driving suite developments to its Optimus Bot program, which boosted the attractiveness for IT students “who are more likely to value innovation and embracing new technology as career attributes.”

Apple led the Business category, while Google maintained its top spot in both IT and Engineering.

Students who are seeking jobs in these three categories favor companies that offer “high future earnings, competitive pay, and professional training and development,” according to Universum’s report. Students are looking for and prioritizing traditional career opportunities in a global economy that can only be characterized as “uncertain.”

“Quality of life factors like flexible working and work-life balance are both priorities for young people, but students are willing to ‘trade’ these for other factors such as higher pay or good references,” Universum’s Global Account Director Richard Mosely said.

This study reflects student thoughts from the United States, Canada, Brazil, England, Italy, France, Germany, China, and India.

Universum’s 2022 study that only sought the opinions of U.S.-based students ranked SpaceX and Tesla as the top two most attractive employers for engineering students.

Tesla and SpaceX remain the most desirable workplaces for engineering students

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Tesla improves in Universum’s ‘Most Attractive Employers’ list
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