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Tesla Insurance cards now can be added to Apple Wallet

Tesla has opened a new feature to its Insurance customers, allowing them to add their Insurance cards to their Apple Wallet for streamlined access.

The new feature was added with the Tesla Smartphone App’s most recent Software Update, version 4.5.0.

Tesla’s Insurance program is one of the newest features that the automaker has added to its evergrowing arsenal of products. First launched in August 2019, Tesla Insurance gave drivers in California the opportunity to save as much as 30 percent on their current rates. The Insurance program has expanded to more states, including Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, and Texas.

The easily accessible Insurance Cards can be downloaded straight to the Apple Wallet available on the iPhone. Unfortunately, Android users do not appear to have the same functionality, as the App update only applies to the iOS platform.

Eventually, Tesla plans to expand its insurance program in all 50 states. Tesla Insurance could come to owners in New York, CEO Elon Musk said in September. Tesla Insurance could also launch internationally in Germany and Israel.

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Tesla Insurance cards now can be added to Apple Wallet
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