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Tesla launches its Spring 2023 Supercharger Voting round

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has announced the launch of the Spring 2023 Supercharger Voting season. 

The Tesla Supercharger Voting initiative allows the electric vehicle maker to “crowdsource” its next Supercharger locations through a community voting program. Those with Tesla Accounts, regardless of whether they currently own a Tesla vehicle or not, are allowed to vote on Supercharger locations. 

Tesla announced the Spring 2023 Supercharger Voting round on its official Twitter account. 

The idea of Tesla Supercharger Voting was suggested during the Cyber Rodeo last year. During the meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that Tesla Superchargers are being built in locations with the greatest need. Musk then pondered if it would be better to conduct an online poll about the Supercharger Network’s next locations. 

By October 2022, the Supercharger Voting program was launched, with the company urging those with Tesla accounts to cast their votes. And by December, Tesla announced new Supercharger locations in North America, Europe, and Asia that received the most votes from the program. The winners of the round were announced in early December. 

A look at Tesla’s Supercharger Voting page shows the current leaderboard for the Spring 2023 round. These would likely change, of course, since the Spring 2023 Supercharger has just started. Following is the current leaderboard for the present voting round. 

North America

  1. Starbase, TX
  2. Cherokee, North Carolina
  3. Ames, Iowa
  4. Ave Maria, Florida
  5. Grand Marais, Minnesota
  6. Griffin, Georgia
  7. Snellville, Georgia


  1. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  2. Huesca, Spain
  3. Cheltenham, United Kingdom


  1. Yeongdeok-gun, South Korea 
  2. Yeongju, South Korea 
  3. Gimhae, South Korea 
  4. Ansan, South Korea
  5. Uijeongbu, South Korea

Those who wish to participate in the Spring 2023 Supercharger Voting season can click here.

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Tesla launches its Spring 2023 Supercharger Voting round
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