Tesla is finally leaning on its vehicles’ American-made pedigree

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Tesla has a lot going for it, but the company tends to keep some of its vehicles’ most interesting details to itself. Just look at the Model 3 and Model Y’s stellar performance in China’s flooded streets. It’s a big selling point, but it’s rarely highlighted by the company in its promotional materials. The same was true for Tesla’s vehicles in the United States. The S3XY lineup are the most American-made vehicles in the country, but it appears that a good portion of car buyers are unaware of the fact. 

Fortunately, it appears that Tesla is finally leaning into its vehicles’ domestic appeal. As shared by u/Feeling-Junket-9505 of the r/Cybertruck subreddit, Tesla is now heavily promoting its cars’ American-made nature. Granted, the image shows a simple sandwich board featuring the S3XY lineup, but it’s still encouraging to see Tesla highlighting its vehicles’ local production to the public

“The Most American-Made Cars Are S3XY — Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y secured the top spots out of 100 vehicles in the Cars.com ‘American Made Index’ based on build location, parts and workforce,” Tesla wrote.

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As noted by automotive legend Jay Leno while discussing the Cybertruck with Tesla Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen and VP for Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy, a good number of people do not think that Tesla is an American company. Leno has previously noted that this is unfortunate as the Tesla story is something that deserves to be celebrated, not mocked or criticized. 

With this in mind, even basic advertising strategies like simple sandwich boards and social media ads go a long way toward educating the car-buying public about Tesla’s vehicles being the most American-made. By leaning into this characteristic, Tesla may even make its products more desirable for more conservative car buyers, some of whom may hold particularly patriotic views. Purchasing a locally-produced car, after all, is a good way to support the country and its innovators.  

It took a while before Elon Musk agreed to utilize basic advertisements to promote Tesla, but little by little, the company seems to be getting more comfortable about adopting traditional advertising strategies. While Tesla is still evidently getting its feet wet when it comes to advertisements, it is nevertheless encouraging to see the electric vehicle maker finally highlighting some of its vehicles’ most desirable characteristics to the public. 

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Tesla is finally leaning on its vehicles’ American-made pedigree
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