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Tesla owner shares $35k Model 3 Standard Range complete buying guide

How To Buy A Tesla Model 3 Standard Range for $35,000 (Source: Car Confections | YouTube)

If you are wondering if a $35,000 Model 3 exists or if you are asking how to order a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, then your prayers have been answered. A recent customer who bought Tesla’s cheapest Model 3 has created a quick buying guide for everyone.

YouTuber Car Confections, who bought Tesla’s most affordable car, shared their buying experience, proving to critics that the $35,000 Model 3 does indeed exist. The base price includes white paint, black interior, and Aero Wheels before the destination fee. This does not include the potential savings but it is the price that a buyer would pay when one takes delivery of the vehicle.

It could be confusing for those who want to buy a Standard Range version of Tesla’s mass-produced electric sedan because that variant of the Model 3 does not show up on the carmaker’s website. When one goes to the Tesla Model 3 Design Studio, one will only see Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range Plus ($39,990), Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range ($48,990), and Performance ($56,990).

“I called Tesla on the phone… I was like ‘hey you know what’s up with this $35,000 Tesla. What they told me was that it’s not on the website,  it’s a special order,” YouTuber Car Confections  said.

Car Confections actually called Tesla to inquire about the Model 3 Standard Range and learned how to properly order the cheapest Model 3 without ending up with a Standard Range Plus.

STEP 1 – Order a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

Go to the Tesla Model 3 page and configure your Model 3 Standard Range plus to how you want it to be. You will end up with the price of the SR Plus but don’t panic, just go through the whole process and pay the Order Fee of $100.

Remember, do not include the Full Self-Driving Capability option as this feature adds $7,000 to the price tag. The Pearl White paint is already included in the base price but you have to pay an extra $1,000 if you will go with a Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, or a Deep Blue Metallic. A Red Multi-Coat will cost an extra $2,000. For the interior, All Black interior will not cost you a penny but a Black and White interior will set you back another $1,000.


Once you’ve placed your deposit STOP and DO NOT DO ANYTHING. While you can provide information and fill out some paperwork,  make sure you DO NOT finalize the Motor Vehicle Agreement.

There will be emails from Tesla that will walk you through the remaining process and the system will confirm your order for a Model 3 Standard Range Plus and prompt you to agree to a $41,000 price. Once you reach this stage, proceed to Step 3.

Model 3 Standard Range Motor Vehicle Agreement (Source: Car Confections | YouTube)

STEP 3 – Call Tesla to flag your Model 3 order

Reach out to a Tesla Store or showroom, provide the Tesla employee your VIN#,  and request them to flag your Model 3 order to be a Standard Range model.

Take Note – This process will take several days to complete. DO NOT agree to the final paperwork until you see the price changed to $35,000.

STEP 4 –  Review the final paperwork

Just like before any big purchase, review the paperwork and make sure all the details are correct.

STEP 5 – Wait for your Model 3 Standard Range and enjoy Tesla’s best-kept secret.

Just for some context, the Standard Range Model 3 is basically the same as its Standard Range Plus sibling. The primary difference is that its range is limited to 220 miles compared to the 250 miles of the more expensive variant.

The top speed of the Standard Range Model 3 is also limited to 129.9 mph while the Standard Range Plus can go as fast as 139.8 mph. The former is also a blink slower in terms of 0-60 mph sprint at 5.9 seconds while the latter accelerates from zero to 60 mph from a full stop in 5.3 seconds.

Check out Car Confections’ video below on how to buy a Model 3 Standard Range for $35,000:

Tesla owner shares $35k Model 3 Standard Range complete buying guide
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