Tesla Model 3 mobile app adds “Phone Key” and frunk unlock feature (screenshots)

Tesla pushed out support for the Model 3 in a recent update to its mobile app, adding bluetooth smart phone access and vehicle controls for Model 3 owners.

In addition to the standard set of remote functions that’s been available for Model S and Model X, including climate control, vehicle location monitoring, Summon, and valet mode, the latest mobile app update adds the ability to open the Model 3 front trunk (“frunk) and trunk directly from the app.

New Model 3 owner PTFI posted the following screenshots of the Model 3 app to the Model 3 Owners Club forum.


According to the official Tesla Model 3 Keys manual, the mobile app provides the following functionality:

  • Use your smart phone as your Model 3 key
  • Lock or unlock Model 3 from afar
  • Check charging progress and receive notifications when charging has started, has been interrupted, or is complete.
  • Heat or cool Model 3 before driving (even if it’s in a garage).
  • Locate Model 3 with directions, or track its movement across a map.
  • Flash the exterior lights or honk the horn to find Model 3 when parked.
  • Start Model 3 remotely.
  • Park or unpark Model 3 using Summon.

Tesla ditched the conventional key fob in the Model 3, instead opting for a RFID key card and bluetooth access to unlock the vehicle. Adding to vehicle controls, Tesla’s mobile app also provides Powerwall 2 owners with the ability to fully manage their home battery.

Popular YouTuber and Model X family, LikeTesla, published a video detailing how a home solar system and Powerwall 2, plus Tesla charging fits together.

Tesla Model 3 mobile app adds “Phone Key” and frunk unlock feature (screenshots)
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