Tesla Model 3 is eBay Motors’ fastest-selling used car in UK

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The Tesla Model 3 was the fastest-selling used car in September, averaging just 17 days on dealer lots, as per eBay Motors. Following the Model 3 was the Audi e-Tron, which averaged 20 days, and the Ford Mustang, which averaged 21 days.

The average number of days it took to sell a used car was listed at 35 days, which is lower than the 38 days from a year ago. Franchised dealers also saw a month-over-month improvement in the average number of days to sell vehicles from 32 to 29 days, their fastest pace so far this year. 

As noted in a report from MotorTrader, used car prices continued to edge down in September, falling 1.1% to £17,536. However, they remained 6% higher than a year ago. This marked the fifth consecutive monthly decline, with prices peaking in January 2023.

Lucy Tugby, marketing director of eBay Motors Group, issued a comment about the matter. 

“September proved to be a relatively stable month for the used car market with consistent month-on-month tracking across stock levels, demand and prices. While the 73 plate-change will have generated welcome part-exchange volumes for franchised dealers, our data suggests many of these vehicles are still being processed and prepared for sale over the coming weeks.

“The shortage of stock remains a challenge for all dealers with the dip in car supermarket volumes suggesting they are not moving to replenish inventories that had been built up over the summer period. While independents continue to navigate their way through the overall shortage of stock by cherry picking vehicles they know will resonate with buyers,” Tugby said. 

Tesla’s electric vehicles are proving popular in the used car market. Back in August, car search and research company iSeeCars.com analyzed over 228,000 new and used car sales from July 2023. As it turned out, the Tesla Model Y was the United States’ fastest-selling used electric vehicle. 

“Used car prices were initially driven up by a lack of new car inventory. Now there are plenty of new cars on dealer lots, but consumers aren’t rushing out to buy them. The new car average time-to-sale is down by more than 25%, even as used cars are selling 6.1% faster. This shows buyers are continuing to seek value in the used car market – despite a wide range of new car options,” iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer said. 

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Tesla Model 3 is eBay Motors’ fastest-selling used car in UK
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