Tesla Model 3 seen “everywhere” near the Fremont factory, and beyond [Gallery]

Red Tesla Model 3 at the Fremont factory test track via Tesla Owners Club Belgium

Following our reveal that a Tesla Model 3 was recently spotted on the test track at the company’s Fremont, California factory, a barrage of new Model 3 photos and videos are making its way to Teslarati from attendees of Tesla’s recent special events held near the factory.

As we reported yesterday, select Tesla Referral Program winners were invited to attend a VIP Factory Tour where access to a Model 3 and private Q&A session with Tesla Design Executive Franz von Holzhausen was made available to event attendees. We outlined the Top 15 questions asked during the special Q&A session, courtesy of the DÆrik YouTube channel.

The VIP event happened to coincide with the Tesla-hosted Worldwide Owners Club Leaders Summit that saw attendance from representatives from across the world.

Despite the separate events: one catered to Owners Club leaders and the other to Referral Program winners that consisted largely of our Tesla-owning YouTube friends, one theme remained common amongst the two groups – Tesla’s production-ready Model 3 release candidate was seen “everywhere”. Thanks to everyone that submitted photos and videos to us from the event, we’ve compiled a list of these rare Model 3 photos and videos that were shot near Tesla’s test track on June 2nd and 3rd.

Tesla Model 3 on Test Track

Silver Model 3

A big thanks to the Tesla Owners Club Belgium for sharing the following photos with us. Check them out on Twitter @TeslaClubBE to see more photos.

Red Model 3 on Test Track

Courtesy of Tesla Owners Club BE.

Blue Model 3 on Test Track

Courtesy of Tesla Owners Club BE.

Test Track Video

Courtesy of Model 3 Owners Club via Twitter

Tesla Model 3 in the Wild

Model 3 was also spotted on the local streets near Tesla’s Fremont factory. Talking Tesla co-host Robert Rosenbloom shared with Teslarati the following video that he caught of a blue Model 3. Robert recalls after leaving Friday’s Owners Club Summit event, “We headed back to the hotel craning our necks at any mid sized vehicle, ‘squirrel!’ and just then a blue Model 3 pulled in front of us and we were off, my limbic brain sprung into action, flight or fight mode. Over the next 4-minutes we took countless photos and captured this video from the dash mounted iPhone.”

Don’t miss the upcoming episode of Talking Tesla as Robert describes his encounter with the following blue Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 seen “everywhere” near the Fremont factory, and beyond [Gallery]
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