Upgraded Tesla Model 3 wins 2024 Drive Car of the Year Best Urban EV Under AU$100K award

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 has been crowned as Drive Car of the Year Best Urban EV Under (AU)$100,000 (US$65,300). The publication cited the new Model 3’s improvements in its ride and comfort, premium interior surfaces, and real-world energy efficiency as the main reasons behind the all-electric sedan’s accolade. 

As noted by the publication, the original Model 3 was already a great all-electric car, and it has also seen continuous improvements over the years. But with the release of the upgraded Model 3, the vehicle has truly exceeded its predecessor. It looks more modern, it feels more premium, and it has become more comfortable thanks to softer suspension and seats. 

While the original Model 3 felt almost spartan with its minimalist interior, the cabin of the upgraded Model 3 is definitely a step above. This is highlighted by the soft-touch synthetic leather, rubberized grips, and felt-like fabric that is found all over the cabin. With its LED ambient light, the upgraded Model 3 feels like a vehicle that’s both futuristic and premium. 

This does not mean to say that the publication had no complaints about the new Model 3, however. Drive‘s reviewers criticized Tesla’s decision to strip the new Model 3 of its physical drive selector and indicators. As per the publication, Tesla’s drive selector and indicators work, but they are simply too difficult to use in a hurry. 

“The updates American manufacturer Tesla has made to its Model 3 have made an already well-accomplished electric vehicle that much better, and the Model 3 deserves its win as the Drive Car of the Year Best Urban Electric Vehicle Under $100,000,” the publication wrote

While the Tesla Model 3 secured the Best Urban EV Under (AU)$100,000 award, the all-electric sedan did not win the publication’s overall 2024 Car of the Year award. That distinction goes to the Kia EV9, which was praised for its practical and functional nature as a seven-seat SUV that is bold, confident, silent, clean, and cost-effective. 

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Upgraded Tesla Model 3 wins 2024 Drive Car of the Year Best Urban EV Under AU$100K award
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