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Tesla Model 3 Highland candidates continue testing in California

Credit: The Kilowatts

Tesla continues to test Model 3 Highland candidates in California, just days after the first images of the alleged vehicle were shared.

Tesla started preparing for a Model 3 “Refresh” in mid-2022, and since then, the company has continued to prepare for production at Fremont. There have been a few reports indicating what the automaker places to update on the vehicle, and with the continuous sightings, we are getting more of an idea of what Tesla plans to change.

While early indications of what would be updated included infotainment and minor design updates, the “leaked” photos of what appears to be the Highland design from a few days ago show a pretty significant front-end modification. New headlights and a revised front bumper design dominated the conversation regarding the exterior.

Alleged Tesla Model 3 Project Highland photo leaks online

There are also some rumblings of a change in the interior and dashboard, according to the photos, but we have not gotten a great look at those quite yet.

Nevertheless, Tesla is still doing its best to get the Highland Model 3 out on the streets while still keeping its design under wraps.

Images and video shared by The Kilowatts show what appears to be a Model 3 Highland vehicle cruising the streets of Palo Alto. The vehicle still is sporting the bumper covers that are equipped to keep the major design changes under wraps.

The Highland Project at Tesla has been in development for around ten months now, so there has been some pretty significant progress in terms of what the automaker will bring to the table in its updated design.

The Model 3 truly brought Tesla to the level it is at today, as it was the company’s first mass-market and widely affordable vehicle in its lineup. The Model Y followed it, and despite the crossover’s more premium price, it has overtaken the Model 3 in terms of sales figures.

This is possibly why the Model 3 is receiving a batch of upgrades from Tesla, as it is due for an updated design and more refined features after customers have been buying the car for six years.

With this most recent sighting, we can still see the elongated headlights, but more changes go beyond the eye than are expected. Tesla will also equip new mirrors, cameras, sensors, and the Hardware 4 suite, according to reports.

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Tesla Model 3 Highland candidates continue testing in California
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