Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries begin in Germany

Credit: bei i3sMichale (via Planwerk | X)

It appears that Tesla has begun delivering its refreshed Model 3 “Highland” in Germany, as shown in a new set of pictures.

On Saturday, X account Planwerk shared images of what seems to be the first Model 3 refresh delivery in Germany, with a Tesla showroom and service center seen in the background. The redesigned Model 3 is seen in the automaker’s midnight silver metallic paint, with shots from multiple angles.

According to the post, the first delivery took place at the Tesla store in Bielefeld, Germany, and the photos in the post were reportedly taken by a person tagged in the post and images as “bei i3sMichael”.

The pictures also show the Model 3’s Aero Wheels, while the vehicle is plugged in and charging outside the Bielefield service center.

The news kicks off Tesla’s first deliveries of the Model 3 Highland in Germany after the vehicle was spotted being unveiled in France earlier this month. The vehicle is built at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, and huge batches of the car have been spotted being shipped from the facility over the last couple of months.

The vehicle has also been shown off in Italian showrooms this and last month, following its long-awaited launch in several Asian, European and other markets. Initial deliveries of the Model 3 Highland in China are also slated for the end of this month, though the refreshed sedan hasn’t yet been launched in North America.

The Model 3 Highland includes simplified exterior and interior features, including a redesigned set of headlights, ambient dashboard lighting and more.

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Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries begin in Germany
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