Tesla’s ramp of the Model 3 Highland shows Giga Shanghai’s prominence

Credit: Wu Wa (via Sawyer Merritt)

Tesla’s ramp of the Model 3 Highland in China shows Giga Shanghai’s prominence and prowess in terms of automotive manufacturing.

This is the fastest we have ever seen Tesla ramp up a “new” vehicle. While the Model 3 Highland featured new interior and exterior features and designs, it appears the Shanghai factory rose to the occasion when a new challenge came their way.

In the past, we have seen Tesla struggle with early-stage production of some of its vehicles. It takes time for employees to get the hang of things and for the automaker to sort out the kinks on a manufacturing line. However, that seems to be a thing of the past when speaking of the Shanghai plant, which has continued to ramp up the new Model 3 design with ease.

Tesla Shanghai export lot shows Model 3 Highland production ramp is going smoothly

Deliveries are expected to begin next month, and as the Model 3 Highland was just recently unveiled to the public for the first time, the months of speculation regarding its design changes were finally put to rest and proof that Tesla was revamping what was once its best-selling vehicle was in front of our eyes.

Something else amazing is happening in front of our eyes as well: the ramp-up of production of the new Model 3 Highland in Shanghai.

Based on drone video from Giga Shanghai observer Wu Wa, it is evident the factory has already gotten the hang of the new production processes that the Highland requires. A quick peek at some of the export lots, which store vehicles that will be shipped to Europe and the Middle East, shows there is anything but an adjustment period for the new Model 3 Highland.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has always spoken highly of the workers at Giga Shanghai, frequently commending them for their hard work and dedication.

Earlier this year, Musk said to the employees during a visit to the factory that their production efforts have earned them recognition as building the highest-quality Teslas in the world:

“I would like to very much congratulate you on the amazing work that you’ve done. It’s been incredibly impressive how you’ve been able to overcome so many difficulties and many challenges. It warms my heart, you know. And I tell people throughout the world — the cars we produce here are not just the most efficient in production, but the highest quality.”

As for the Highland, it will finally roll into customer’s hands next month and will hopefully make its way to the U.S. sometime early next year.

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Tesla’s ramp of the Model 3 Highland shows Giga Shanghai’s prominence
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