Tesla Model 3 Highland unveiled at Owners Club event in France

Credit: Esther Kokkelmans | X

Tesla’s refreshed Model 3+, dubbed the Highland, has been making waves in recent weeks, ahead of initial deliveries to a number of markets. During a Tesla Owners Club event in France on Saturday, event organizers unveiled the new Model 3 to a large crowd, as shown in a new video.

The owners club in France held the Tesla Owners Day 2023 event at the Chateau de Savigny-les-Beaune on Saturday, during which a Model 3+ was seen being unveiled in a video posted on X by Esther Kokkelmans (via Sawyer Merritt). In the video, you can briefly see the Model 3 under a car cover before event organizers remove the cover, eliciting cheers and clapping from the surrounding audience members.

It’s not entirely clear when initial deliveries of the new Model 3 are set to begin in France, though they seem to be imminent as Tesla’s order configurator in the country estimates a delivery timeline ranging from October to November on current orders.

The news comes after several Model 3 Highland units were spotted outside Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai in the past few weeks, as the automaker ramps up production and begins deliveries to markets across Europe, Asia and other surrounding markets. The vehicle has also been spotted at a number of Tesla’s European showrooms recently, including one in Paris last month.

The new Model 3 redesign includes a number of updated features, both on the exterior and the interior. Along with new headlights and a slightly reshaped front end, the vehicle has a simplified interior with a few additions, like a new blind spot indicator and a unique manual gear selector.

Although the Model 3+ is not yet available in the U.S., it was recently seen being tested on public roads in California. It’s not clear when the vehicle will launch in the U.S. market as of yet, though most expect Tesla to begin deliveries in the country in early 2024.

You can see a review of the Model 3+ from Bjørn Nyland below, showing off a number of the vehicle’s new features.

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Tesla Model 3 Highland unveiled at Owners Club event in France
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