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Tesla Model 3 shows its inner-Cybertruck in impressive towing display

Credit: Knut Skinnes | Instagram

Over the weekend, a video posted on Instagram shows a Tesla Model 3 hauling trees up a dirt path.

It’s no secret that electric vehicles and Tesla products are incredibly popular in Norway. But according to a recent Instagram post, Norwegian farmers have been spotted using Tesla Model 3s instead. Responding to the video, many other Norwegians commented on their eagerness for the cybertruck to make it to the country.

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A post shared by Knut Skinnes (@klimaknut)

The video posted by Knut Skinnes shows three Tesla Model 3 s making their way up a narrow dirt path with 20-30 foot long trees in tow. His caption states, “While we wait for the #cybertruck , we have to do our timber work with #model3 in Norway! Please hurry up, farmers are waiting across the country🐎🚜🏎”

The video makes a couple of good points, even if unintentional. First, this is yet another signal that EVs have capabilities that far surpass what previous gas vehicles have been able to do with their incredible amounts of torque and efficiency. Hook up the same trees to a BMW 3 series, and you may be disappointed in its lackluster performance.

Sadly, the rural Norwegian also points out the sub-par wait time associated with the Cybertruck. It remains unclear when the Cybertruck will enter production. Many who look forward to towing trees, hauling boats, or hauling ass in their new electric hyper-truck may be in for a longer wait than anticipated.

There is hope. Recent sitings have shown Cybertrucks in testing, the truck’s interior, and a leak has indicated possible price and spec changes as the vehicle nears production readiness. Here’s to hoping the truck will be just around the corner.

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Tesla Model 3 shows its inner-Cybertruck in impressive towing display
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