Tesla Cybertruck prices and specs will change, but it’ll probably be worth it

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Elon Musk admitted that the Tesla Cybertruck prices will change at the 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. However, a lot has changed since the cyberpunk truck’s unveiling. Tesla might make the price change worth it.

The all-electric pickup truck was unveiled in 2019—before the pandemic. Prices have gone up across the board, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the price of the Cybertruck went up as well. Tesla has increased the price of its other vehicles as well. 

Cybertruck Pricing

“Cybertruck pricing, it was unveiled in 2019, and the reservation was $99,” Elon Musk reminded everyone at the Shareholders Meeting. “A lot has changed since then, so the specs and the pricing will be different. I hate to give sort of a little bit of bad news. But I think there’s no way to sort of anticipate the inflation that we’ve seen and the various issues,” Musk said candidly.

Initially, the Cybertruck was available in three trims with varying prices. 

  • Single Motor RWD – $39,900 before options
  • Dual Motor AWD – $49,900 before options
  • Tri-Motor AWD – $69,900 before options

Cybertruck Specs 

Even though Tesla has had a lot on its plate with the pandemic, supply chain issues, and inflation, it has continued to refine the Cybertruck’s design since 2019. 

When it was unveiled, the Cybertruck had some pretty impressive specs. 

  • 250+, 300+, and 500+ miles of range
  • 3500 lbs payload
  • Towing rating between 7.5k to 14k lbs
  • 250 kW charging
  • Off-road performance with 35 degrees approach angle, up to 16″ clearance, and 28 degrees departure angle
  • 100 cubic feet of exterior storage
  • 110v/220v onboard outlets
  • Full Self-Driving features (optional)
  • Autopilot as standard

In June, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla had finalized the design of the Cybertruck. 

At the Q4 2021 earnings call, he shared that Tesla added a lot of new technology to the Cybertruck. Musk hinted that striking a balance between the Cybertruck’s new technology and affordability would decide its final updated price.

“I worry more about like how do we the Cybertruck affordable despite having awesome technology. That’s the thing that will really set the rate,” he said back in Q4 2021.

Giga Texas Cybertruck Production 

In June, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla had finalized the design of the Cybertruck. At the Shareholders Meeting, he said that Cybertruck production is on track for mid-2023. 

Musk assured everyone that the Cybertruck is still a mind-blowing EV pickup truck. “But what I can say is that the Cybertruck will be one hell of a product. It’s gonna be like a damn fine machine,” he said.

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Tesla Cybertruck prices and specs will change, but it’ll probably be worth it
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