Tesla Model 3 becomes a tough off-roader with some German engineering

(Credit: auto motor und sport )

The Tesla Model 3 is designed to be one of the best city cars available in the market today, and since its release, it has certainly played the part. While the Model 3 has proven itself as an excellent vehicle on paved surfaces, however, the all-electric sedan remains challenged when it drives off the beaten path, thanks to its low ground clearance. 

This has been mentioned by several Model 3 owners. YouTube host Shelby Church, who purchased a Standard Range Plus version of the all-electric sedan, previously noted that the Model 3’s ride height is so low that it is pretty easy to scrape the vehicle in steep areas like her garage. As noted in a recent report from auto motor und sport, this was a situation faced by a Tesla Model 3 owner in Norway. 

According to the publication, the Model 3 was so low that the vehicle could barely handle its owner’s garage. It was also fairly easy to scrape the bottom of the Model 3 during the Norwegian winter. Fortunately for the Tesla owner, German off-road specialist firm Delta 4×4 offered a rather novel solution: a lift kit that raised the Model 3’s ground clearance by 35mm and some all-terrain 245/45 R18 tires. 

The result of the off-road modification is actually pretty impressive. Images of the vehicle shared online show what could very well be one of the most aggressive-looking Model 3s on the road today. Together with the Model 3’s sleek lines, the lift kit makes the all-electric sedan look futuristic and extremely tough at the same time. What’s doubly impressive is the fact that the 4×4 modification has been approved by the local Technical Inspection Association, as per The Driven

There are advantages and disadvantages that are brought about by Delta 4×4’s off-road modifications on the Model 3. With the lift kit, the Tesla Model 3 is now able to navigate uneven surfaces and steep terrain. This makes the Model 3 a pretty proficient off-road vehicle, especially if the car is a Dual Motor AWD variant. However, the changes to the vehicle have also resulted in some range reduction. 

Check out Delta 4×4’s Model 3 off-road kit in the video below. 

Tesla Model 3 becomes a tough off-roader with some German engineering
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