Tesla upgrade specialists plan first-ever EV-only track day in the UK

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Some would say that the Tesla Model 3 has opened doors for the EV industry in the mainstream passenger car market. To an experienced professional driver like John Chambers, the Tesla Model 3 might be more than just a good passenger car. 

“I do think, if you want to take a car on track, I think the Model 3 is the best car,” Tevo Solutions founder John Chambers told Teslarati

Chambers explained that the size of the Model 3 was a good fit for the track. “Because the Model 3 now is easily the match of any car of that size when we take it on track. There’s nothing that could stay with it,” he said. And that’s including gas or petrol cars.

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Chambers is a long-time car enthusiast who can remember the days when there were no track barriers between the spectators and the cars on the racecourse. He’s been behind the wheel of some successful track runs, under the hood optimizing race cars, and even mentored the next generation of racers throughout his career thus far. Now, he wants to help people understand Tesla and other EVs better, too. 

He is excited to see a Model 3 with a Taycan on the track during Tevo Solutions’ EV-only track day at the Llandow Circuit in the United Kingdom. Chambers believes it would be an excellent chance to compare the two EVs along with the opportunity to see and experience other electric vehicles, too. 

Although, he did distinguish that a track day in the UK is not competitive. It is a day for drivers to learn more about their vehicles and learn slightly more advanced driving skills. 

As more car owners transition to electric cars, events like Tevo Solutions’ track day may become common in the automotive industry. Rivian, for instance, plans to hold a 4-month Demonstration Driving Program for new R1T owners so they can familiarize themselves with their new electric pickup truck. 

The EV-only track day, scheduled for August 18, 2021, was exclusively created with electric vehicle owners in mind. As per Tevo Solutions’ press release: “Hybrids, PHEVs, and vehicles with range extenders will not be accepted.”

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In his talk with Teslarati, Chambers shared that not many tracks or organizers in the UK would consider opening their tracks to EVs, let alone hold an EV-only track day. 

“When I got my Model 3 [Performance], there was nothing I could enter that was competitive. At the time, the rules didn’t allow EVs because they were still worried about fire and safety,” he said.  

As with many things related to Tesla, there have been some forms of FUD (fear, uncertainty, or doubt) about Tesla vehicles or electric cars in the UK. But Chambers believes the country is overcoming the FUD surrounding EVs or, at least, more people are trying to understand electric vehicles better. 

As for Chambers, he ended up joining non-competitive track days, which most Tesla owners participated in at the time. “But there was no track or organizer that was going to do an EV-only day. And, I thought, it’s the obvious next step. But nobody decided to do it, so I decided I’d do it myself.” 

TEVO Solutions is working with a list of top-class driving instructors for the event, including a coach responsible for training drivers seen in popular car scenes in films including Mission Impossible and some James Bond movies. 

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Tevo will inform event participants of charging locations near the Llandow Circuit. The company is also trying to bring portable chargers into the track grounds for more convenient charging. Chambers noted that charging is one of the stopgaps that make circuits hesitant about organizing an EV track day. 

Chambers hopes that the event will be inclusive. At the time of the interview, he shared that at least two Taycans, a VW Golf-e, and possibly even a VW Beetle converted to electric would be coming to the event. So when Tevo Solutions said all EVs are invited, it really meant all electric vehicles.

Learn more about the UK’s first-ever EV-only track day, here.

Tesla upgrade specialists plan first-ever EV-only track day in the UK
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