New Tesla Model 3 Performance appears to pop up in Florida ahead of launch

Credit: Reddit u/ChaddoSan

A new Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicle has been spotted in Florida, popping up ahead of its launch later this year.

In January, Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, confirmed that the company was working on a new Model 3 Performance.

Since the confirmation, we have spotted some new features in early vehicle builds, including bucket seats, a carbon fiber dash, and potentially a Ludicrous mode based on badging.

Documents show that Tesla is planning to increase the performance specs of the new Model 3, as horsepower has dramatically increased compared to past versions.

Now, it appears Tesla is testing the vehicle in the public once again, as it was spotted on multiple occasions over the past week.

The revised front bumper design, which features air intake vents, tells us it is a performance configuration of the Model 3.

These have been spotted in past pictures of the revised Model 3 Performance:

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance prototype spotted with new front splitter

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the Model 3 Performance, as Tesla already brought major improvements to the Rear-Wheel-Drive and Long Range configurations of the vehicle.

Teslarati was lucky enough to drive a unit last month, and it had a lot of new and exciting features and improvements from past vehicles, including quieter cabin noise, better suspension feel and handling, and a more minimalistic interior.

However, Tesla is seemingly looking for even more improvements moving forward as the car is set to be one of the best in the company’s lineup, based on documents spotted in February.

Nevertheless, Tesla is expected to push out the first Model 3 Performance units in the coming months, and it should help bolster the vehicle’s performance in terms of sales. For the past few years, the Model Y has simply passed the Model 3 by due to its storage space and versatile body style as a crossover.

A new Model 3 Performance might be just what the doctor ordered for Tesla to revamp its mass-market sedan.

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New Tesla Model 3 Performance appears to pop up in Florida ahead of launch
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