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Tesla Model 3 production ramp pushes forward with 17.8k VIN filings in 7 days

Over the past seven days, Tesla has registered a total of 17,863 new Model 3 VINs. The past weekend alone saw filings for more than 13,000 vehicles, in what appears to be a strong sign that the Model 3 production ramp is growing even stronger.

Tesla’s latest batches of VIN registrations were tracked by Twitter group @Model3VINs, which noted that the carmaker’s recent filings have seen an increase in the number of Dual Motor vehicles being registered. On Sunday, for example, Tesla filed 6,425 new Model 3 VINs, and all of them are estimated to be Dual Motor. When Tesla registered more than 4,609 Model 3 VINs earlier this month, 85% of the vehicles were estimated to be Dual Motor. With the latest batches added, Tesla has now registered a total of 135,771 Model 3 VINs since the electric car started production in July 2017. 

The influx of Dual Motor VINs being filed by Tesla bodes well for the vehicle’s production ramp. Considering that Tesla has so far been delivering the Model 3 exclusively to the United States and Canada; the company’s apparent shift towards registering more Dual Motor VINs invokes the idea that the company is starting to go through the reservations for the Long Range RWD Model 3 in the US and Canada. If this inference proves accurate, it would not be too surprising if Tesla starts preparing the Model 3 for release in foreign territories.

Tesla does seem to be showing indications that it is preparing to bring the Model 3 to other countries. Just recently, reports from Tesla owners in Tilburg, Netherlands revealed that the electric car maker had acquired a third, expansive facility in the area. Tesla is yet to disclose the purpose of the new Tilburg site, but speculations are high that the facility could serve as a location where parts for vehicles would be stored and distributed. Such a facility would be invaluable when the Model 3 is rolled out to the region.  

The Model 3 has also been teased in several European festivals. Among these is the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed last July, as well as the 2018 Paris Motor Show this month. In both festivals, the Model 3 attracted quite a lot of attention, particularly in the 2018 Paris Motor Show, where Tesla’s booth attracted long lines of people waiting to interact with the Model 3.

Tesla’s ongoing ramp for Model 3 production comes as the company is in the process of invading the United States’ passenger car market. The Model 3’s production rates are only around half of Tesla’s final 10,000 vehicle-per-week target, but even rival carmakers are already starting to feel the presence of the electric sedan.

In August, auto sales tracking website GoodCarBadCar listed the Model 3 as America’s 5th best-selling passenger car. In September, the Model 3 moved up GCBC‘s list, beating out the ubiquitous Toyota Corolla Family and becoming the US’ 4th best-selling passenger car. The Model 3 also ranked as the 13th overall best-selling vehicle in the country, in a list that includes mainstream trucks and SUVs like the Ford F-150 and the Toyota Rav4.

Tesla Model 3 production ramp pushes forward with 17.8k VIN filings in 7 days
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