Tesla’s most basic Model 3 variant won’t be delivered until August ’22

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s most basic variant of the affordable Model 3 sedan is sold out nearly a year in advance. The Model 3 Standard Range+ is as basic as you can get with Tesla’s vehicles. It is the most affordable car available from Tesla, starting at $41,990. When ordering the sedan with its standard Aero wheels, orderers are now advised that the soonest delivery dates are set for August 2022.

The all-electric Model 3 sedan from Tesla was the company’s most popular vehicle for several years until the arrival of the Model Y crossover. However, the Model 3 Standard Range+ configuration is the most affordable option to those who are interested in driving a Tesla without breaking the bank. The car is now seeing delivery dates that are sitting exceptionally far out, ten months to be exact.

Tesla’s online Design Studio, the portion of the automaker’s website that allows potential owners to design their vehicles, now shows an estimated delivery for the Model 3 Standard Range+ with Aero wheels for August. Other more expensive car variations are available for delivery as soon as November, but the cheapest combination of the vehicle won’t be available until Q3 2022.

Credit: Tesla

Aero wheels are not the reason for the delayed delivery projections. The Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel-Drive also utilizes these wheels as the default option, but that vehicle is set for December deliveries.

Tesla has been dealing with an extensive backlog of orders over the past year. Demand for the company’s all-electric cars has seemed to skyrocket in 2021 as the transition to electrification continues to gain momentum heading into the final quarter of what has been a challenging year for the entire automotive industry. Derailed by semiconductor chip shortages and supply chain bottlenecks globally, the automotive industry has struggled to remain consistent with its manufacturing efforts. However, Tesla has been able to avoid severe delays in production and deliveries by staying vertically integrated and developing alternative options to the parts it could not obtain. For example, Tesla engineers have developed nineteen microcontroller variants that are helping the automaker avoid semiconductor bottlenecks.

The Model 3 Standard Range+ was the first Tesla vehicle to be sold out for the year. In August, Tesla changed the estimated delivery date to January, making the Model 3 completely sold out for 2021 in the United States.

Hopefully, upon the completion of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas in Austin, the automaker can revise projected delivery dates for some variants of the Model 3, but it may be some time before that happens. Tesla plans to begin manufacturing at the facility with the Model Y. It is unknown when Tesla will launch Model 3 production at the Texas factory.

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Tesla’s most basic Model 3 variant won’t be delivered until August ’22
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