Tesla Model 3 sways GM fan who hated Tesla to rethink his Corvette

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A Tesla Model 3 owner allowed a friend of his who is a lifelong General Motors owner and enthusiast to drive the all-electric sedan for the first time, changing his opinion on Tesla and EVs in general.

A YouTuber by the name of Vas K allowed his friend Justin to test-drive his Model 3 Performance in an attempt to change his thoughts and opinions on the electric car manufacturer. Justin is a Michigan native, making it perfectly understandable that GM is he, and his family’s preferred carmaker is GM. However, his opinions on Tesla came from sheer inexperience and lack of information. At one point, Vas stated, “Justin hates Tesla.” Justin confirmed, “For now.”

However, within the first few seconds of being in the Model 3 Performance, Justin could tell it was different than what he ever expected. He mentioned differences like the regenerative braking feature and the all-too-familiar instant torque option that is a common game-changer for many people who are on the fence about Tesla.

Another impressive feature with the Model 3 that seemed to turn Justin’s opinion on Tesla to a positive one was the vehicle’s suspension. “The suspension feels great. It doesn’t feel hard; it doesn’t feel bouncy. It is a car that I could take on a road trip for 1,000 miles,” he said.

But Justin’s knowledge and enthusiasm for cars manufactured by General Motors had him believing that the Corvette was more than likely the fastest car he had ever driven. The Chevrolet Corvette has a long and storied history for being one of the icons of American performance vehicles. It often sports an impressive top speed and acceleration rate that is sure to turn some heads.

However, the Model 3 Performance’s instant torque and lightning-quick acceleration changed Justin’s mind almost instantly. After performing a few quick stomps on the accelerator in the Model 3, it was a no-contest, and Justin instantaneously conceded that the Model 3 Performance was “easily the quickest car he’s ever driven.”

It appears once again that Tesla’s industry-leading vehicles are turning the opinions of even the most committed and long-term legacy automaker fans. Many people who experience an electric car for the first time are riding in Teslas due to the company’s notoriety and popularity that has skyrocketed in the past few years. The growth of the EV movement is primarily due to the Model 3’s impressive performance, but also because of its reasonable price. With world-class performance specifications and a price tag that is within most budgets, it is not a wonder why it has quickly become one of the most popular cars on the road today.

Watch Vas K let his GM enthusiast friend Justin drive a Model 3 Performance below.

Tesla Model 3 sways GM fan who hated Tesla to rethink his Corvette
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