Watch a Tesla Model S 60D convert to a 75D via a battery range upgrade in real-time

Following our report that Tesla has slashed pricing on its wireless Range Upgrade that enables Model S 60D owners to upgrade to a 75D via an over-the-air software update, a Model S owner has taken to YouTube to show just how simple it is to increase battery capacity by 25%. As simple as waiting 1 minute and 53 seconds after pressing a ‘Buy’ button on the vehicle’s center touchscreen.

Model S 60D owner Eddie Daniels documented the process by which the vehicle’s 60 kWh battery, that’s capable of 210 miles (338 km) of range, ‘unlocks’ an additional 15 kWh of capacity, bringing the total driving range of the newly converted 75D to a very respectable 259 miles (417 km).

The video shot by Daniels and picked up by InsideEVs is the first time we’re seeing how Tesla’s in-car purchase feature operates in its entirety. Tesla first introduced the ability to add Autopilot to a Model S after the vehicle’s initial point of sale, and would later extend the in-car buying experience to the over-the-air battery range upgrade.

As Tesla continues to streamline production processes ahead of the upcoming Model 3 ramp, we can expect the company to introduce even more unlockable features as a way to minimize the number of vehicle variations that need to be produced, while also reducing the price barrier for entry.

Check out the following video showing a Model S completely transform itself from a 60D to a 75D.

Watch a Tesla Model S 60D convert to a 75D via a battery range upgrade in real-time
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