Tesla Model S Plaid’s active aero mesmerizes in the Nürburgring [VIDEO]

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The Tesla Model S Plaid was spotted back on the Nürburgring racetrack recently, seemingly as part of the company’s efforts to break its own world record for a production electric car. Teslarati pictures revealed that the Plaid was equipped with what appears to be Tesla’s Track Pack, and a recent video showed its active aero feature in action. 

Tesla shareholder @BabyTesla3 shared a short clip of the Telsa Model S Plaid racing through the Nürburgring. With the help of active aero, the Plaid smoothly executed twists and turns on the track. The vehicle’s active aero feature was first spotted back earlier this year. Model 3 owner and detailer @BLKMDL3 noted that the Plaid’s Tesla Parts Catalog may have hinted at an active spoiler.

The Model S Plaid’s return to the Nürburgring likely means that Tesla is aiming to beat the record it set last month. In September, a factory fresh Model S Plaid set the world record for an EV production vehicle on the Nürburgring, finishing with a time of 7:35.579. During its record-setting run on September 9, Tesla’s unmodified Model S Plaid reached a top speed of 279km/h (173.4 mph).

Musk tweeted Tesla’s achievement shortly after the record-breaking run. He also stated that Tesla aims to bring the Plaid back to the Nürburgring racetrack, except this time it would be modified with aero surfaces, carbon brakes, and track tires. The recent Plaid sightings in the Nürburgring seem to correspond to such a vehicle, as the blue Model S features active aero components and an apparent track-ready setup.

Earlier this year, Musk shared Tesla’s goals for the Model S Plaid while on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. The Tesla CEO said that the company wanted to achieve a lap time “in the low-7-minutes” for an unmodified Model S Plaid, direct from the factory. Musk also thought that Tesla might push the Model S Plaid toward a sub-7-minute lap on the racetrack with improvements. 

“We’re trying to get to, on the Nurburgring, get to the low-7-minute mark. And then, with further improvements, I think we could bust 7 minutes on the Nürburgring, which would be a pretty wicked act on its own,” Musk said.

Watch the Plaid’s recent tests on the Nürburgring in the video below!

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Tesla Model S Plaid’s active aero mesmerizes in the Nürburgring [VIDEO]
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