Tesla Model S vs Nissan GTR Drag Race

We’ve seen the Tesla Model S take on the new Corvette C7 Z51 in a heads up drag race, but what happens when you pit the 4,600+ lb, seven passenger electric sedan against arguably one of the most infamous supercar killers in history – a car with a legendary track record of racing dominance – so fierce that it’s simply known by the name of “Godzilla”?

Nissan’s flagship performance car, the twin-turbo GT-R, is that of horsepower legends, but how does it fare against the instantaneous torque of the Model S electric motor? The video will give you a true sense of just how quick 0 – 60 mph in 3.7 seconds really is.

The Model S leaves the line like a railgun, springing forward with instant acceleration, before quickly giving way to the high charging turbocharged GT-R. Nevertheless the heads up drag race gives a great perspective on how truly quick the Model S is.


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