Farewell Tesla Model X 60D (60 kWh), you’ve become a rare breed

It wasn’t long ago when Tesla announced that it would lower the entry point of the Model X by making available a 60 kWh battery pack. The Model X 60D with 200 miles of range was being offered at a starting price of $74,500, and with the option to ‘unlock’ another 15 kWh of battery capacity post delivery via an over-the-air software update.

“Model X 60D will be built with a 75 kWh battery pack, and the additional energy can be unlocked at anytime through an over-the-air software update for $9,500. With the introduction of this model we are not producing any 60 kWh battery packs, a decision that is the most efficient for Tesla and allows us to pass the most flexibility and cost savings along to our customers.”, said Tesla back in July.

However, just four months after the announcement was first made, and weeks after a handful of Model X 60D vehicles were delivered, Tesla has removed the 60 kWh option from the Model X online Design Studio. In its place as the new entry level variant is the Model X 75D, with a base price of $85,500 or $10,000 over the previous 60D.

Removal of the 60 kWh battery pack is one of a series of recent updates Tesla implemented on the Model X, presumably to streamline production. The company has also secretly removed the optional factory installed 1.25″ hitch accessory as well as the standard suspension. In place of the coil spring suspension, Tesla has made the Smart Air Suspension a standard offering on the Model X.

The Silicon Valley automaker continues to cut the number of options being made available on its fleet of vehicles, while also ensuring components are cross functional. Earlier today, Tesla removed two colors options from its Design Studio which were previously made available on both the Model S and Model X. We expect to see more of this type of behavior as the company continues to maximize production line efficiency ahead of the Model 3 ramp.

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