‘Getting Ready for Model 3’: Guide book to Tesla’s mass-market vehicle

Tesla’s Model 3 is considered to be the most important vehicle the Silicon Valley automaker will produce in its entire history. Penned as a bullet point in Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s vision for the future, Model 3 will be the company’s original Master Plan finally realized. It’s “going to be probably the most profound car that we make,” Musk once said leading up to March 31, 2016 – the day otherwise known as Model 3 Mania.

With nearly 400,000 reservations already placed on the Tesla Model 3, anticipation for a vehicle that’s expected to go into production at the end of 2017 couldn’t be any higher. Tesla has been relatively quiet on revealing details about its affordable long-range vehicle with a starting price of $35k. We know Model 3 will have the option for a dual motor configuration. We know Supercharger access will also be an optional add-on. And according to Musk, we know it’ll have “the obvious thing”, which many believe the Tesla chief was alluding to a fully autonomous driving system.

As we countdown and get ready for Model 3, reservation holders and enthusiasts alike can get an insider’s perspective on what it was like to experience all facets of the highly anticipated electric sedan. Author, early Tesla adopter and founder of Evannex, Roger Pressman, highlights the ins and outs of everything you want to know about Tesla’s mass-market vehicle in his new book, Getting Ready for Model 3.

For reservations holders or soon-to-be buyers, Pressman provides an ample list of dos and don’ts on how to prepare for the vehicle. For instance, Getting Ready for Model 3 breaks down the steps needed in setting up home charging for the vehicle depending on ones type of dwelling.

Charging your Model 3

  • Renting an apartment or condo with a shared community garage
  • Renting an apartment or condo without a garage
  • Owning a home with a private garage

Passage on personal charging infrastructure preparation from ‘Getting Ready for Model 3

Pressman also provides a rare first person perspective on the characteristics that make up Model 3. “Interior volume for Model 3 is anything but cramped. I’m 6’2″ (1.88m) tall and during my test ride, I sat in the rear seat of Model 3.”, says Pressman in describing the interior space for the vehicle. “My knees were about 8 inches (20 cm) from the back of the front seat and the top of my head was about 2 – 3 inches from the glass roof”.

Arguably the most eye-opening part of the book is an entire section dedicated towards answering the commonly asked question, “When can I expect my Model 3 to be delivered?” Looking at historical production ramp and delivery data for the Model S and Model X, Pressman uses predictive analysis to outline Model 3 production beginning in 2017 and into 2020. It’s a fascinating look on when to expect delivery of Model 3 depending on ones reservation sequence in line.

Whether a first time Tesla buyer or an existing owner, Getting Ready for Model 3 provides a fun and speculative look, backed by hard data, on what’s to come for Model 3. The book is being offered through Evannex available on both paperback and on E-Book.

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