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Tesla Model X Plaid interior options dwindle down to six-seat configuration only

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Tesla has revised the Model X Plaid interior seating options to now only offer a six-seat configuration. Previously, the vehicle came in five and seven-seat options, but Tesla has evidently removed them.

The Tesla Model X was refreshed along with the automaker’s flagship sedan, the Model S, in late 2020 and early 2021. Removing old Performance variants of the car for the quicker Plaid configuration, Tesla added several new features to the interiors of both vehicles, including Yoke steering, rear entertainment screens, and a new center dash screen, among many other changes.

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When initially offered to customers, Tesla offered five and seven-seat options, along with the most-expensive six-seat configuration, which had three rows of two seats. The seven-seat option had a three-seat middle row.

Tesla removed the five and seven-seat options from its online Design Studio earlier today, leaving only the $6,500 six-seat option to spare. It is now the only way customers will be able to order the Plaid variant of the car.

Credit: Tesla

There are no indications as to why Tesla would remove the other two options, but it is important to note that both the five and seven-seat interior configurations feature a three-seat middle row. With supply chain shortages and other bottlenecks affecting automakers globally, Tesla could be having trouble getting its hands on the necessary parts for the middle row. Although Tesla produces its own seats at a dedicated seat factory next to the Fremont plant in Northern California, it still must source some of the parts from third-party distributors, which may be the cause for the removal of the other two seating options.

It is unknown at this time whether Tesla will ever return the five or seven-seat options for the Model X Plaid. The Model X Plaid from Tesla is available for $126,490 before potential savings, and estimated delivery is pushed back to October 2022.

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Tesla Model X Plaid interior options dwindle down to six-seat configuration only
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