Tesla Model X right-hand drive cars to receive OTA safety update for airbag

Owners of right-hand drive Tesla Model X vehicles will receive an over-the-air software update this weekend that addresses an issue related to the passenger airbag. The Silicon Valley electric car maker said in an email statement sent to affected customers that an “anomaly” was detected during routine testing.

“Although we’re not aware of a single customer car that has had an issue with it, there was an anomaly with the passenger airbag in a right-hand-drive Model X that was part of a routine internal test this week. After reviewing the results of this test, we were able to isolate the anomaly to the software controlling the passenger airbags in right-hand-drive Model X cars only, and we are already developing an over-the-air software update that fixes it. We will be deploying that update to all affected cars this weekend.” reads the email sent to select Model X customers in right-hand drive markets.

The issue stems from an airbag controller made by supplier Bosch. Engineers at Tesla worked in conjunction with Bosch on the firmware update to address the anomaly. Tesla is advising right-hand drive Model X passengers not to ride in the passenger seat until the vehicle has been updated with the upcoming software update.

“In the meantime, as a precaution, we recommend that the front passenger seat of your vehicle not be occupied until the software update is installed.”

Tesla sent the following email to affected customers:

Tesla Model X right-hand drive cars to receive OTA safety update for airbag
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