Tesla Model X survives an actual tornado

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A recent video from Barrie, Ontario, Canada has proven that the Tesla Model X is indeed a vehicle that can keep its wheels on the ground even under extreme circumstances. Being a heavy vehicle with a low center of gravity due to its large battery pack, the Model X does not roll over easily — even if it gets hit by something like an actual tornado. 

Tesla Model X owner and r/TeslaMotors member u/VanillaGorilla- shared some interesting tidbits of information about the remarkable incident. According to the Tesla owner, Barrie had been receiving squall warnings throughout the day, but on Thursday afternoon, a tornado touched down and left a trail of devastation in its wake. 

The Model X owner noted that his wife was the one driving the vehicle at the time of the incident, though she was fortunate enough to be indoors when the tornado passed through the area where the all-electric SUV was parked. Video from one of the Model X’s built-in cameras depicted a ton of debris flying around the vehicle, as well as some cars that ended up moving due to the force of the twister’s winds. 

Remarkably enough, the Model X did not even move despite the extreme winds. The Tesla owner mentioned in later comments that the all-electric SUV came out of the experience worse for wear, however, with practically all its panels and several of its windows being scuffed, likely from the debris that was flying around when the tornado passed over. Some parts of the vehicle were also dented. 

Nevertheless, it was still quite impressive to see the Model X survive such an extreme weather event, especially if one considers the devastation caused by the twister. As noted in a Barrie CTV News report, the tornado actually ended up ripping through a neighborhood, damaging roughly 20 homes and injuring eight people. 

Fortunately, the event did not result in any fatalities. Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman noted that while the tornado caused a lot of damage, it could have easily been much worse. “I can’t tell you how incredible it is that nobody has been killed, and I hope that as all the secondary searches are completed, and the patients are treated at the hospital, that it continues to be the case. This certainly could have been a much more serious disaster,” the mayor said. 

Watch a video of the Barrie, Ontario tornado in the video below.

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Tesla Model X survives an actual tornado
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