Tesla Model Y in China gets 12V lithium-ion battery like the Model S Plaid

(Credit: @xiaoteshushu/Twitter)

Tesla Giga Shanghai recently kicked off Made-in-China Model Y Performance deliveries. New Model Y Performance owners in China shared a few tidbits about their vehicles, including its 12V battery upgrade.

A few Tesla China owners went under the Model Y Performance vehicle’s hood and discovered that it was using a new 12-volt lithium-ion battery. When MIC Model Y Performance deliveries first started, a few owners noticed the upgrade, commenting that Tesla switched from a 12V lead-acid battery to a 16V lithium-ion battery.

A more recent look under the hood by @xiaoteshushu revealed that the Model Y Performance is equipped with a 12V lithium-ion battery, similar to Tesla’s Model S Plaid. In June, a few sleuths discovered that Tesla decided to equip the Plaid with a 12V lithium battery instead of a conventional lead-acid battery, which has become a standard in the auto industry.

The MIC Model Y Performance’s 12V lithium battery has a few advantages, including its weight and size. One of the most significant advantages of a 12-volt lithium battery is its increased lifespan. Lead-acid batteries cost less upfront but have significantly shorter lifespans. They also require regular maintenance to run properly. 12V lithium batteries can cost more than lead-acid batteries but don’t need to be changed as often.

Besides a 12V lithium battery, the MIC Model Y Performance also received a new AMD Ryzen graphics chip. A few Model Y Performance owners in China recently showed off the smooth transitions in their AMD-powered infotainment systems, which are also similar to the ones used in the Model S Plaid.

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Tesla Model Y in China gets 12V lithium-ion battery like the Model S Plaid
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