Tesla Model Y can cost well over $180K in Singapore – but it’s still selling well

(Credit: Tesla Greater China)

The Tesla Model Y is not an inexpensive vehicle. It’s definitely cheaper than its larger and more expensive stablemate, the Tesla Model X, but it is still a premium vehicle in its own right. But despite its steep price tag, the all-electric crossover seems to be well on its way toward becoming one of the world’s best-selling cars, just as CEO Elon Musk predicted. This is true even in areas where the vehicle commands a shockingly high price. 

Take Singapore, for example. The sovereign island country is the place where a car buyer would have to spend the most for a Model Y. China, where Gigafactory Shanghai is located, is the country where buyers can get the cheapest Model Y at 288,900 yuan ($40,500). In Singapore, this price hikes up to an eye-watering S$142,471 ($103,800) to start. With levies, the Model Y’s price in Singapore could reach well over $180,000. 

That’s a pretty insane price for the all-electric crossover. At such prices, the Model Y practically costs almost as expensive as an apartment in Singapore. One would think that the vehicle would probably not sell as much in such a market, but one would be surprised. As per Singapore’s sales charts for September 2022, the Model Y was the country’s best-selling car, beating the individual sales figures from all other brands. 

In a statement to Bloomberg News, finance professional and Tesla owner Alexander Ang explained that the Model Y was simply the best option for him in the country’s auto market. Ang, who purchased his Model Y in June and took delivery of his vehicle in September, noted that similar cars in the same segment offer less than Tesla’s all-electric crossover. 

“Sure, it’s definitely expensive, but it’s the same for any car in Singapore. A similar-sized EV from other manufacturers is more expensive than Tesla because of additional dealership charges, and they don’t have as much legroom in the rear,” Ang said. The Model Y owner also clarified that he does not consider himself a Tesla fan at all. Tesla simply gave him “the most bang for (his) buck” when it came to driving experience. 

While this is impressive, this does not mean to say that Tesla can afford to let up on the accelerator. In China, the electric vehicle maker is facing a steady stream of capable competitors from local EV makers, and the tensions within the country could adversely affect the company’s figures this Q4. Nevertheless, the Model Y’s momentum, at least in places like Singapore, suggests that Tesla may not necessarily be insane when it aimed for a 50% sales growth this year. 

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Tesla Model Y can cost well over $180K in Singapore – but it’s still selling well
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