Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai reaches 8k/week production capacity: study

(Credit: Tesla Hubei Che Youhui/Weibo)

Tesla China’s factory has reached a production capacity of 8,000 per week, according to a recent study published by China Industrial Securities. Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai set a high bar for 2021 last year by setting a 550,000-vehicle production goal, comprised of 300,000 Model 3 sedans and 250,000 Model Y crossovers.

Currently, Gigafactory Shanghai has the capacity to produce 5,000 Model 3 and 3,000 Model Y vehicles per week. The China Industrial study estimated that Giga Shanghai could manufacture about 523,000 vehicles in total for 2021.

About 100,000 vehicles produced this year will be exports, shared Tesla owner-investor @ray4tesla. The study estimated that Giga Shanghai is on track to produce 278,000 Model 3 vehicles and 245,000 Model Y units.

Gigafactory Shanghai’s progress in 2020 suggests the factory could increase its production capacity throughout 2021 to reach its reported 550,000-vehicle goal for the year. If Giga Shanghai can reach its goal, it would soundly beat Tesla’s production and deliveries in 2020, which were already record-breaking. According to Tesla’s Q4 2020 vehicle production and deliveries report, the company produced 509,737 vehicles and delivered 499,550 last year.

China Industrial Securities forecasts that Tesla China sales could amount to 180,000 Model 3 units and 245,000 Model Y cars this year. Overall, Tesla China Model Y sales for 2021 are expected to break down as follows: 10,000 vehicles sold in Q1 to mid Q2, 12,000-13,000 units by the end of Q2, and 15,000 cars by Q3 and Q4.

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai reaches 8k/week production capacity: study
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