Tesla Model Y Performance owners get reiterated Track Mode pledge from Musk

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model Y Performance is a crossover that’s great for hauling families, but it is also a vehicle that can play the role of a serious canyon carver — and that’s without any special driving settings. With the Model 3 Performance and Model S Plaid’s dedicated Track Mode, the all-electric crossover would become an even more fun electric car to drive. 

There’s only one issue. While Elon Musk confirmed the addition of the feature way back in 2020, Track Mode is yet to be rolled out to Model Y Performance owners until today. It was then no surprise that Musk gets frequently asked if Tesla could release a Track Mode feature for the vehicle

Just recently, Musk was asked once again about the feature when New Zealand-based Tesla owner @TeslaGong highlighted on Twitter that Track Mode is a “much requested” function that could add value to the top-tier all-electric crossover. 

Similar to his past responses, Musk noted that Track Mode is indeed coming for the Model Y Performance. “It’s coming,” the CEO wrote on Twitter. This ultimately bodes well for the vehicle’s owners, some of whom have probably been waiting for the feature since it was confirmed by Musk way back in 2020. 

Elon Musk mentioned last month that rolling out Track Mode for the Performance Model Y is “harder than it sounds,” but Tesla will still be implementing the feature. If Tesla does release Track Mode for the top-tier vehicle anytime soon, it will represent the first time that the electric vehicle maker was able to roll out a dedicated function for closed circuit driving on its larger vehicles. For context, the Model X Plaid also does not have Track Mode despite its overpowered specs. 

Having Track Mode on the Model Y Performance would be a pretty interesting update to Tesla’s “slowest” top-tier vehicle. That being said, the Model Y Performance is no slouch despite not being as quick as its stablemates, with its dual motors that allow it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. 

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Tesla Model Y Performance owners get reiterated Track Mode pledge from Musk
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