Tesla Model Y Track Mode turns Elon Musk’s crossover into a perfect canyon carver

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed that the Model Y will be receiving its own Track Mode feature. With this, Tesla would make the Model Y into one of the best-handling and most versatile crossovers in the market today, thanks to its utility and its raw performance. 

Musk’s confirmation of the Model Y’s Track Mode was posted this weekend, following an inquiry from the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley group. The CEO did not specify which trims of the all-electric crossover will be receiving the upcoming feature, though the Model 3’s Track Mode rollout suggests that the capability will only be available on the Model Y Performance. 

What is rather interesting is the fact that the Model Y already handles extremely well for a vehicle of its size. Early reviews of the Model Y Performance have noted that the crossover has some great driving dynamics, not unlike its sibling, the Model 3. Being based on the Model 3 sedan, which is noted for its closed circuit driving, the Model Y is one of the more fun crossovers in the market today, even without Track Mode. 

One can only imagine how much better the Model Y Performance could be with its dedicated Track Mode. In the Model 3, Track Mode (which is in its V2 iteration for now) allows drivers to modify the settings of their vehicle to such a degree that the all-electric sedan could essentially transform from an AWD to an RWD (and even a FWD) machine. This same capability will likely be made available in the Model Y as well. 

With Track Mode enabled, it would only be a matter of time before the Model Y Performance becomes a common sight in race tracks. This is quite interesting, seeing as the Model Y Performance is Tesla’s most conservatively-specced P-branded vehicle in its current lineup, with its 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds and its top speed of 155 mph. This should be enough to allow the Model Y to humiliate the occasional high performance sedan on the track every so often. 

The Model Y is on track to become Tesla’s most versatile vehicle yet, at least when it comes to features. Apart from Track Mode, after all, the Model Y also has a dedicated Off Road Assist function, which is quite interesting seeing as the crossover does not really have a lot of ground clearance. That being said, it’s quite difficult to argue against the Model Y at this point. Its combination of utility and performance is a pretty hard combination to beat. 

Tesla Model Y Track Mode turns Elon Musk’s crossover into a perfect canyon carver
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