Tesla Model Y underbody shows zero compromises in safety and innovation

(Credit: Munro Live/YouTube)

The Tesla Model Y is turning out to be a box full of good surprises for teardown auto expert Sandy Munro and his team. In a recent video showcasing the ongoing teardown process of the Model Y, Munro discussed how the all-electric crossover took no chances in terms of its wiring, brakes, quick-connects, and rear body structure.

Sandy Munro is familiar with Tesla’s vehicles, having torn down an early-production version of the Model 3 sedan. During that time, Munro pulled no punches in criticizing Tesla for the Model 3’s fit and finish, but he admitted that he ate crow as soon as his firm finished analyzing everything from the suspension, electronics, batteries, and electric motors.

By the end of the teardown, Munro was impressed enough with the Model 3 that his firm gave Tesla a goodwill list of improvements that the electric car maker can do to make its mainstream sedan better. Based on Munro’s recent walkthrough of the Model Y’s underbody, it appears that Tesla took the teardown expert’s tips to heart, and then some.

Immediately noticeable from the Model Y’s underbody was the flexible corrugated wrap Tesla used for the vehicle’s 12V wires. Munro noted that the use of flexible corrugated wrap is rarely done since it’s pretty much overkill, time-consuming, and expensive, but they do increase safety and minimizes the risk of shorting. So far, it appears that Tesla is one of the few automakers to go the extra mile with its 12V wiring system to ensure that its newest vehicle is as safe as possible.

Quick connects were also used by the electric car maker, which are much better than normal connectors since they never leak. The teardown expert stated that other automakers go for cheaper connectors such as screw fittings since quick connects are much more expensive. That being said, quick connects are also more reliable, highlighting Tesla’s focus on safety and longevity once more.

Brake calipers for the Model Y were also beefier compared to the Model 3, which should help stop the larger vehicle just as well as its sedan sibling. Observations from reviewers of the all-electric crossover mentioned that the Model Y drives like a legitimate canyon carver, and Munro himself has mentioned that the vehicle rides like it’s on rails. The vehicle’s large brakes may play a role in this.

But perhaps the biggest point of innovation for the Model Y’s underbody so far has to do with its rear, which is dominated by a gigantic aluminum casting. Munro explained that the Model 3’s boot was something that he did not appreciate since it had too many unnecessary parts. The Model Y, on the other hand, seemed to embody the actual suggestions Munro had for the Model 3. Overall, the teardown expert noted that he was glad to see his firm’s recommendations being implemented by Tesla in its latest vehicle.

Tesla may have a significant rebellious streak with its disruptive cars and equally disruptive business model. Yet despite this, the young carmaker has always been open to change and improvement, and this is something that was evident in the Model Y. Musk recently noted that “High quality and critical feedback from Munro & Co. is much appreciated!” This definitely appears to be the case, since the Model Y is looking to be a vehicle unlike anything that is on the road today, and one that embodies not just lessons learned from the Model 3 ramp, but suggestions from experts in the auto field as well.

Watch Sandy Munro’s walkthrough of the Tesla Model Y’s underbody in the video below.

Tesla Model Y underbody shows zero compromises in safety and innovation
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