Tesla Model Y upgrade in China still uses Hardware 3.0

(Credit: Tesla China/Weibo)

A new Tesla Model Y with upgrades debuted in China recently. Tesla China announced the upgraded Model Y via its official Weibo account. In a later comment, Tesla China’s Customer Support team also revealed that the Model Y update still uses Hardware 3.0.  

“Model Y, which continues to evolve, has made another evolutionary debut,” noted Tesla China announced. 

Tesla’s announcement of its new Model Y captured the attention of many. Tesla watchers speculated if the new Model Y will feature Hardware 4.0. Tesla China’s Customer Support team responded to the question by stating that the vehicle still has Hardware 3.0.

“Hello, the updated Model Y’s autonomous driving hardware is not 4.0, it still uses 3.0,” Tesla China’s Customer Support team replied.

Tesla’s latest Model Y upgrades are not enough to call it a total refresh. Nonetheless, the recent upgrades to the Tesla SUV would make it difficult to choose between the updated Model Y and the refresh Model 3 Highland

Tesla China’s Weibo account listed all the changes customers can expect from the upgraded Model Y, including its new textile dashboard and RGB ambient light with 256 colors on the dash. 

The new Model Y is also available with 19-inch black Gemini wheels. The wheels were previously silver.

The black Gemini wheels improve the Model Y RWD’s range by 554 km (344 miles) according to the CLTC standard. The Tesla Model Y RWD’s range increased with the new black Gemini wheels by about 5 miles. Tesla also offers the 20-inch induction turbine wheels with the Model Y for an additional RMB 8,000 ($1,115)

Gigafactory Shanghai’s new Model Y also underwent other changes that might account for the Model Y Dual-Motor AWD Long Range’s (LR) increased range and the improved wind resistance coefficient. The range of the new Model Y LR variant increased by about 17 miles to 428 miles of range per charge. The new Model Y has an improved wind resistance coefficient of 0.23.

The Model Y RWD starts at RMB 263,900. Meanwhile, the Model Y Long Range and the Performance variant cost RMB 299,900 and RMB 349,900, respectively. 

Over the weekend, Tesla China also announced that its referral bonus would end on October 31. New Tesla customers can avail up to RMB 3,500 on their final payment and receive a 90-day trial period of Enhanced Autopilot through the referral program

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Tesla Model Y upgrade in China still uses Hardware 3.0
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