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Second Tesla V4 Supercharger station opens in The Netherlands

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Tesla opened its second V4 Supercharger station in The Netherlands. Tesla installed the first global V4 Supercharger station in the same country. 

Earlier this year, the first V4 Supercharger was installed in Harderwijk, Netherlands. The new V4 Supercharger in the country is located in Best, in the southern part of The Netherlands. Harderwijk is about an hour and a half drive from Best. Best has a new Tesla electric vehicle (EV) station with 20 V4 Superchargers. The new V4 Supercharger station is open to Tesla and non-Tesla electric cars. 

Tesla seems to be ramping up V4 Supercharger installations in Europe. Last month, V4 Superchargers were installed in Italy in the southeast of Rome and the United Kingdom (UK). The V4 Superchargers installed in the UK were the first with contactless payment.

Tesla landed ~€149 million in funding from the European Union last month. The fund would go toward updating and expanding Tesla’s Supercharger Network in Europe. It allots some funding to install or upgrade over 7,000 Superchargers to Tesla’s latest V4 charging stalls.

Meanwhile, Tesla is ramping up Supercharger Magic Dock installations in the United States. Late last month, a community-run website that keeps track of Tesla’s Supercharger Network noticed an uptick in Magic DocK installations. 

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Second Tesla V4 Supercharger station opens in The Netherlands
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