Tesla cancels Model Y Long Range RWD variant, honors FSD price from pre-order date

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Tesla enthusiasts who pre-ordered the Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel-Drive variant are being told to choose another configuration of the company’s all-electric crossover. Tesla is honoring its Full Self-Driving suite’s price from the date of the pre-order, however, giving a slight discount to owners who planned to equip their LR RWD Model Y with the company’s semi-autonomous driving suite.

The variant was the planned replacement for the Standard Range RWD Model Y after CEO Elon Musk stated that the configuration had less than 250 miles of range, a number that was “unacceptably low.” Musk announced the cancellation on July 12, 2020, but stated that Tesla would reduce pricing on the Model Y’s Dual Motor AWD variant and create the Long Range RWD configuration as a replacement.

However, the Model Y Standard Range trim then became available on January 7, 2021, with 244 miles of range for $41,990.

Now, Teslarati readers indicate that Tesla is reaching out to them to make them aware of the cancelation. Instead of canceling their orders altogether, Sales Advisors are encouraging owners to choose either the Standard Range RWD Model Y or the Long Range AWD configurations of the all-electric crossover. These two builds are the closest to the LR RWD variant of the Model Y.

“Below is the configuration/price breakdown of the currently available Long Range All-Wheel-Drive Model Y and Standard Range Rear Wheel-Drive Model Y,” one email stated to a Model Y Long Range RWD reservation holder said.

Teslarati reached out to a Tesla showroom for comment, where a Sales Advisor confirmed that the LR RWD Model Y would not be built at any point, and the company is contacting reservation holders to revise their reservations.

Additionally, Tesla is honoring the FSD suite’s price when the reservation holder ordered the car. The FSD suite currently sits at $10,000 but has undergone several price increases in the past year. If a prospective buyer placed a deposit on the Model Y LR RWD variant in March 2020, they would still be required to pay $7,000, instead of the current $10,000 price.

The reason for the cancelation is unknown, but it is not the first time Tesla has axed variants before release. Tesla announced several Model 3 variants that ultimately never made it to production lines. With the company’s constantly changing strategies, not every vehicle configuration that is announced will make it to customer driveways.

Tesla cancels Model Y Long Range RWD variant, honors FSD price from pre-order date
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